Pre Order your Cartridges Today

   01 May 2019

With just over 2 months to go before the 5th ICTSF World English Sporting Championships take place on The Devenish Lands at Dowth, the time has come to pre order your cartridge choice for this World class event.

We know that preparation and planning is paramount for success and with that in mind, you will find the details for all of the cartridge brands available below, with the majority of the suppliers retailing on site in the #wesp2019 Trade Village.

We encourage you to contact your chosen cartridge supplier as soon as possible to secure the quantity and shot size you require for this event.


Eley - David Brennan - Ardee Sports 

Phone +353416853711     Email  info@ardeesports.com


Cheddite - Liam Flynn - Courtlough Shooting Grounds

Phone +35318413096      Email info@courtlough.ie 


GameboreStephen Neary - Redmills

Phone +35356 4449010     Email Stephen.neary@redmills.ie


Fiocchi & RCNiall Kirwan - Lakelands Shooting Centre

Phone +353449223127     Email info@lakelandshootingcentre.ie


HullMalcolm Graham - M.C. Graham Firearms & Ammo

Phone +3534771453    Email mcgrahammonaghan@gmail.com


Lyalvale ExpressSean Gilliland - Mourne Shooting Grounds

Phone +3534297459546 / +353879969946     Email info@clayshooting.ie