Super Final

   14 Jun 2019


The 5th ICTSF World English Sporting Championships 2019 will consist of 200 targets, 100 each day with two rotations, Wednesday/Thursday & Friday/Saturday.

The Top 5 shooters plus ties from each rotation (10 in total plus ties) will go forward to a 25-target Semi-Final. Scores from the main event will NOT carry forward into the Semi-Final. All finalists (10 plus ties) in the Semi-Final will begin equal on score at the start of the Semi-Final round.

The Top 5 shooters qualifying from the Semi-Final will go forward to shoot in a Super-Final of a further 25 targets to determine the overall High Gun, Runner-Up and Third place of the competition.

Scores WILL carry forward from the Semi-Final through to the Super-Final.

All class prizes will be awarded on the 200 target main event only. The overall High Gun, Runner-Up and Third place will NOT qualify for class prizes.

*Please Note - The wearing of hearing protection and safety glasses is mandatory at all shooting events during these championships.